Corporate Social Responsibility

Tandem Travel is an inbound tour operator specialising in receptive tourism to Bulgaria and the Balkans.

We stared in 1997 with the presumption to be a small company with personal care for our client’s needs. The incoming services we provide are very different from ‘standard package tours’. In contrast, we are aware of the many different needs of our clients and meet them through our attention to detail and the personalisation of all incoming services. Therefore, our aim is to offer a highly personalised ans sustainable service – the kind that only a small, dedicated company like ours can provide.

We believe that Tandem Travel is not just a reliable receptive tour operator in the view of the professionals and tourism businesses which experience the feeling of being in safe hands. Our clients also see us as an approachable company which develops its Personalised Incoming Services with sensitivity.

Our aim:

The essence of the services we offer demands a very high level of quality and we are aware how important the sustainability of our services for both clients and business is. Our mission consists of offering a high level range of services taking into account the environmental, socio-cultural, economic aspects and reducing their negative impacts in the areas of our activity.

In our office:

We do not print paper brochures, using mostly e-mails for our marketing aims.

Most of our work flow is digitally archived.

We use double site printing where possible.

We recycle all paper used in the office, as well as the glass and plastic.

We bring all printer cartridges to our supplier in order to refill and reuse them.

We switch lights and computers off at night and at weekends.

We facilitate work from home.


We choose our transportation partners according the European Emission Standards.

We give preference to companies with the newest coaches’ capacity in order to reduce the environmental impacts.

We consider the right size of our groups with the aim to reach an optimal occupancy level.

Accommodations and Restaurants:

On one hand the company works with high standard hotels especially for large groups. For smaller groups the company uses normally family-owned hotels.

Most of our restaurants are family-owned.

We carefully choose the meals and recommend our customers to try traditional cuisine made with locally produced products.

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