Customs and Traditons

The touch to tradition transfers the magic and charm of the past into the modern days. The specific emotional store of Bulgarian customs provides opportunity to each guest of this country to immerse into the life of Bulgarians and get to know at close quarters their spirit, way of living and personality.

The Bulgarian holiday calendar is a result of multicentury accumulation of ecclesiastic beliefs and Christian religious notions. Holidays such as Ignazhden, Mummers, Christmas, Baba Marta, German, Eniovden are a motley blend of mythology, paganism, religion and folklore.

The Christian tradition and the popular mythology have left their marks on every holiday and ritual aiming at paying homage, mitigating the power of nature, protecting against evil or bringing fertility, luck, health and love.

One of the symbols of Bulgariaare the Kukeri. This ritual has been practised ever since the pagan period in the history of this country. It has had different purposes throughout the centuries but usually the kukeri aim at chasing away the evil spirits and bringing health and good crops.

The mummers’ masks are different and of various sizes, made of hide, feathers, goat’s fur, beads and bells. Usually the masks symbolize different types of animals or depict human figures.

Old Bulgarian crafts represent Bulgarian culture and traditions.

Weaving and embroidery, have long been traditional to this country, showing the skills and imagination of their makers. Carpets are made in several regions, mainly in the mountain towns of Chiprovtsi, Samokov and Kotel, where the most typical types of carpets and embroidery are designed.

Pottery-making and Wood-carving illustrate the diversity of rituals and beliefs via beautiful forms and colours that leave the sense of perfection and uniqueness. A lot of love and endless passion are necessary in order to breathe life to the intertwined branches, birds and flowers crafted on a piece of wood or to the ball of clay turned into an exquisite dish.

Wonderful samples of carving can be seen on the ceiling of old houses, chests, low round tables and chairs, church iconostasis in different regions of this country, such as Triavna, Kalofer and Bansko.  
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