Member of Authentic Bulgaria Quality Mark

The hotel is divided into two parts – Fenerite 1 and Fenerite 2

Fenerite 1 offer one Preventative apartment, two standard apartments, two double luxury rooms and seven double rooms. Fenerite 2 offer two standard apartments, three luxury double rooms and eleven double rooms all with bath.

The Preventative apartment is furnished in authentic style and is composed from two separated bedrooms, living-room and bath.In the room you can find refrigerator and mini-bar.
The standard apartments apartment is composed from bed-room and living room, it is furnished with sofa in the room you can find refrigerator and mini-bar.
In The luxury room you can find corner where you can take a seat

All rooms are equipped with TV, Video and Phone. The baths are with floor heating.

Single room
Double room
Apartment 2 beds
Apartment 4 beds