Opera Tour the Ring of the Nibelung

Opera Tour: the Ring of the Nibelung

Opera Tour: the Ring of the Nibelung Like a magnet, the Bulgarian “Ring of the Nibelung” attracts fans of the work of Richard Wagner world-wide and has become a symbol of The […]Read more

wine and food in bulgaria

Wine and Food Experience

Enjoy Wine and Food in Bulgaria! Wine has been known in the land of Bulgaria since ancient times. Archaeology, folklore, and literature provide ample evidence that wine grapes have thrived in these […]Read more

opera tour in bulgaria

Opera and Music Tour

We offer you an unforgettable experience – an opera tour in Bulgaria. The opera voices of Bulgaria are our biggest riches because of their uniqueness. Nowadays the Bulgarian opera singers are leading […]Read more

thracian culture

The Thracian Gold

The Thracian Gold tour offers you the opportunity to become acquainted with the rich past of the Thracian culture in Bulgaria. Time flies when we go back in time. What remains is […]Read more

pilgrim tour

Pilgrim tour: Orthodox Monasteries

Pilgrim tour: Orthodox  Monasteries We offer you an impressive tour, which includes a large diversity of sights: Orthodox churches and monasteries, nature wonders and old culture places, big and modern towns, as […]Read more

wine tour

UNESCO Heritage tour

UNESCO Heritage tour: The small territory of Bulgaria includes many breathtaking sights. 9 of them are under the protection of UNESCO. We offer to you an 8 days’ cultural tour through Bulgaria’s […]Read more