Balkan cultural tour: The cultural heritage of Byzantium

Balkan cultural tour: The cultural heritage of Byzantium

Our second Golden Byzantium Tour includes Bulgaria, Greece & Macedonia.

Byzantium did not exist only in its territorial limits, because the Byzantine culture covered much larger territory – from the Baltic Sea and Ural to Sahara. Not all these countries were part of Byzantium, but the impact of the empire on them was too significant. While the political events, victories and defeats left no trace in history, the culture marks the past of the civilization.

The proof of the eternal significance of Byzantine culture and their importance for the development of the Christian world are numerous monuments, written sources, manuscripts, collections of coins.

Through our Byzantium Tour you will get the chance to discover the rich heritage of three Balkan countries, which formed part of the ancient Byzantium.

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Day 1 Sofia

Day 2 Sofia – Rila Monastery – Sofia

Day 3 Sofia – Veliko Tarnovo

Day 4 Veliko Tarnovo – Arbanassi – Veliko Tarnovo

Day 5 Veliko Tarnovo - Kazanlak - Plovdiv

Day 6 Plovdiv - Bachkovo Monastery - Bansko

Day 7 Bansko – Thessaloniki

Day 8 Thessaloniki

Day 9 Thessaloniki – Pella – Vergina – Kalambaka

Day 10 Kalambaka – Meteora – Kalambaka

Day 11 Kalambaka – Bitola – Ohrid

Day 12 Ohrid

Day 13 Ohrid – Skopje

Day 14 Transfer to the airport