Bike Tour along the South Black Sea Coast

The South Black Sea Bike Tour goes on rich cultural routes which cover the South Black Sea coast. The tour combines biking with enough stops to enjoy the unique cultural sites, natural mystic landmarks and tasty local food.Picturesque villages are dotted throughout the area. Meadows and pastures full of wild flowers and butterflies surround them.

The ancient and picturesque town of Sozopol – a short walking tour of Sozopol featuring the main landmarks of the town like old wooden houses and churches.

One of the oldest protected natural areas in Bulgaria – the national reserve Ropotamo, situated on the southern side of the bay of Burgas. River cruise by motor boat in direction to the see and back.

The route goes through the Strandzha nature park. Strandzha Nature Park is the largest protected area on the territory of Bulgaria that stretches over 1161 sq. km. It is located in the southeastern part of country, its southern border coincides with the Bulgarian sovereign border with Turkey, and it spreads as far as the Black Sea Coast to the east. The Nature Park lies on the Territory of Strandzha Mountain which spreads in both Bulgaria and Turkey. Via Pontica avian migratory route passes through the coastal areas of Strandzha Park. The lack of human influence in Strandja results from its location in a former border zone. For almost 50 years, the whole nature park was a limited access zone. The few people continued their traditional way of life. This is why you can still find such undisturbed natural landscapes and unique wildlife here. The villages in Strandzha have preserved their architecture and offer accommodation in small family houses and family hotels. You will enjoy this authentic hospitality at the village Brashljan.

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Day 1 Burgas – Sozopol

Day 2 Sozopol – Arkutino – Ropotamo River – Primorsko

Day 3 Primorsko – Strandzha Nature Park– Village Braschlian

Day 4 Braschlian – Malko Tyrnovo – Village Balgari

Day 5 Balgari – Varvara – Ahtopol

Day 6 Ahtopol – Rezovo – Sinemorec

Day 7 Sinemorets – Silistar – Sinemorets

Day 8 Burgas - Departure