Cultural, traditional and riding experience

Riding in Bulgaria tour is for those of you, who want to spend time in active and non-standard way. We offer you 8 days, in which we will combine horseback riding with seeing cultural sights and immersing in the atmosphere of beautiful Bulgaria.

The Ranch is in Makotsevo – a small and nice village, which gives you the opportunity to relax and to enjoy simple farm life. The village is located 35 km from Sofia. We will tell you about safety around the horses and explain you the horse’s psychology and natural behavior. You will learn how to earn their trust in order to become their leader as horses has to trust your judgment about the terrain and follow you without fear. You will learn also how to lead a horse and give him right commands in order to get the correct response from it. We will teach you about saddling, putting a bridle on, sitting and standing on a horse. We will practice in arena basic commands and individual work with the horse and then go for short rides in nature.

Join us to combine riding in Bulgaria and culture. You will visit Plovdiv – more ancient than Bulgaria itself, Koprivstitsa – an architectural and historical reserve, with a total of 388 architectural, historical, artistic, and ethnographic monuments, Rila and Bachkovo Monasteries.

Day 1 Sofia

Day 2 Sofia – Rila Monastery – Sofia

Day 3 Sofia - Makotsevo

Day 4 Makotsevo

Day 5 Makotsevo

Day 6 Makotsevo – Koprivshtitsa – Starosel – Plovdiv

Day 7 Plovdiv – Batschkovo Monastery – Plovdiv

Day 8 Plovdiv - Sofia