Plovdiv and Bachkovo Monastery

Plovdiv and Bachkovo Monastery Tour. Plovdiv – more ancient than Bulgaria itself.

Kendros, Eumolpias, Philippoupolis, Pulpudeva, Trimontium, Puldin, Filibe. All this is the present-day city of Plovdiv. The story began about 8000 years ago, when on the hill today known as Nebet tepe, to the River Maritsa, was created the first settlement on the territory of the modern city. An international jury chose Plovdiv to be the European City of Culture in 2019. It is the oldest living city in Europe, which has survived the winds of time through 8 millenniums. It has united civilisations, religions and people. It is a city created by God in a moment of sunny disposition. If it’s seen for a second, it is remembered for good. Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria, situated on the Maritsa River. Its unique location on these ancient crossroads has stimulated strong cultural and political influences from East and West civilizations, and yet maintained its unique cultural identity. Being older than most of the oldest towns like Rome, Athens, Carthage or Constantinople, an almost contemporary of Troy, Plovdiv is a town built upon layers of towns and a culture developed upon layers of cultures. Plovdiv is a picturesque town, with many parks and gardens, museums and archaeological monuments. Its old part, called the Old Town, with houses from the National Revival period (18-19th century), is an imposing open-air museum situated on the three hills of the ancient Trimontium. One of the most remarkable sights of the town, the Ancient Theater (a well-preserved Roman theater), is located there and is still used for open-air performances.Every single house here has its own allure and fascination. The Ethnographic Museum, the art galleries, churches and street of folk arts and crafts are major landmarks of Old Plovdiv, followed by a trip to Bachkovo Monastery . Founded nine centuries ago, Bachkovo Monastery is located 28 km south of Plovdiv in the picturesque Chaya river valley. Its monumental architecture, artistic and cultural significance are comparable only to that of Rila Monastery. Beside with it original architecture, this scared adobe also attracts visitors with the famous murals of its churches and buildings.

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