Sofia City Tour

Our Sofia City Tour offers you the opportunity to get to know the Bulgarian capital. Sofia is one of the oldest European cities. The founding and developing of the city is due to the convenient location and the warm mineral springs. The earliest finds dates from prehistoric times, but the oldest citizens were the Serdi, a Thracian tribe. The city was named Serdica during the Romans. In it’s turbulent history it has it’s ups and downs, dramatic defeats and triumphant victories. The capital city which nowadays creates the harmony of the past, present and future.

“Ever growing, never old” – this is the motto of Sofia. During your tour you will see the Alexander Newski Cathedral- with its golden domes, impressive interior, exquisite murals, icons and colorful mosaics; the St. George Rotunda (4th c.) – a fine monument of Roman architecture; the St. Sofia early Christian basilica (6th c.) which gave the City its name; the Parliament building; the National Theater.

During your guided tour in the city centre you will enter the biggest church in Bulgaria-‘St. Alexander Nevski” with its golden domes, the basilica “St. Sofia”, build in 6th century by brick stones, the most important political buildings of the parliament and the presidency ,the national theatre in renaissance style with it`s lovely fountains and garden.

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