Wine tour: Mesta Valley

Wine tour along the Mesta Valley

4 days/3 overnights

We start our wine tour towards Velingrad with our first stop in the village of Kostandovo. Here is an authentic, but also world-famous factory for hand-woven carpets, which has the largest loom in the whole of Europe, on which carpets can be woven with an area of up to 140 square meters. All carpets are woven by hand, from 100% real materials and dyes. Carpet making used to be a livelihood in this area, which had long been abandoned, but years ago a family revived the tradition and thus managed not only to preserve the unique teachings of the local population, but also to glorify Bulgaria. Among the regular customers of the Bulgarian company, besides the British royal family, are many of the world’s most iconic museums and royal families in Europe. Nowadays it is the only remaining weaving mill of its kind in Europe. If you wish, we will take a short ride on the the romantic narrow-gauge Rhodope Railway.

We have selected for you the perfect accommodation in the Uva Nestum Wine & SPA complex, which combines discreet luxury and harmony amidst the greenery of 62 acres of parkland. Nestled between four majestic mountains, the Uva Nestum boutique winery boasts 17 acres of its own, naturally pure vineyards where Ruby, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties are lovingly and carefully cultivated, and also wonderful white wines from selected varieties. And because wine is at the heart of the complex, the spa center offers an unique wine therapy – relaxation of body and mind.

Authentic villages and mineral waters

Today we will travel through the not so well-known Nevrokop region. In the recent past, the smokes in the area were mainly related to tobacco production. The locals used to cultivate this crop themselves in the land between the Pirin Mountains, the Rhodope Mountains and Slavyanka.
Apart from the beautiful Rhodope revival architecture of Kovacevitsa, we will take a walk to the small village of Teshovo at the foot of the Slavyanka Mountain. Time has stopped there. The locals will curiously welcome us and tell us about it’s beautiful and forgotten place. In the afternoon we will enjoy the excellent spa facilities of the hotel. It is little known that one of the Bulgarian springs is blessed personally by the First Apostle St. Paul, when he preached Christianity in our lands, namely the Miro in Ognyanovo. Before dinner we will take a walk in the farm and vineyard of the hotel, we will visit the cellar and taste the wine of this region.

Over the mountain of Orpheus: myths and bagpipes

We will meet one of the few masters of the Rhodope cabbage bagpipes to learn about the centuries-old tradition and the intricacies of crafting the bagpipes. After Chepelare we will continue to immerse ourselves in the magic of the Rhodope and its people. Our overnight stay will be in the picturesque village of Kosovo. The kind hosts of Kosovo houses will welcome us with traditional Rhodope cuisine.

The wine of Thrace

Before departing for Sofia, we will take a walk through the vineyards of Thrace and learn about wine production in the region. Before that, we will visit the Bachkovo Monastery. We will taste the wines of the Thracian valley in the wineries Dragomir and Villa Yustina.

Note: This itinerary can only be with the Gotse Delchev area and accommodation at the Hotel Uva Nestum, and in its full version with one extra night at the Kosovo Houses complex.