Via Diagonalis: Serbia, Bulgaria & Turkey

The ancient Roman road “Via Diagonalis” passes through Southeast Europe, connecting Europe with Asia. The cultural corridor is one of the oldest roads with global significance. We invite you to discover this eternal bridge of understanding and communication between different cultures and landscapes.

Belgrade – tour of centrally located city districts, squares and streets. You will take a leisurely stroll to explore the old town area known as “Varos”, with short visits to the Orthodox Cathedral and Belgrade Fortress.Visit the Residence of Princess Ljubica, which was erected on orders by Prince Miloš Obrenović in 1831, as the private residence of his wife, the Princess Ljubica. The architecture and placement of rooms represent an example of the Balkans style, with a number of western baroque elements.

Sofia – The Alexander Nevsky Golden-Domed Cathedral. Visit the St.Sofia church, one of the oldest churches in Europe, that is still operating and the 4th century Church of St. George –the earliest and best reserved building in inner old Serdica. Visit the Banya-Baschi mosque – a valuable monument of Islamic architecture. The other museums are situated in the beautiful quarter Boyana. The Boyana Church consists of three parts from three different periods. It is in the UNESCO List of World and Cultural Heritage. Visit the National historical Museum that includes subjects from different cultures, lived on the territory of the country.

Istanbul – The old city center, Sultanahmet has remnants from the Byzantine and the Ottoman era. The city has been the capital for both empires. From the Ottoman Era; The Blue Mosque with its stunning blue Iznik tiles and the Topkapı Palace will be visited. From the Byzantine Era the Haghia Sophia and the Hippodrome square will take you far back into the centuries. Istanbul’s shopping is a sightseeing spectacle in itself, buy a Turkish carpet from the Grand Bazaar or leather jacket from its surrounding streets. The fragrant Spice Market sells lotions and potions, with salty white cheese and olives outside and finally from the chaotic Eminönü harbour you can take a walk past the fishermen across the Galata Bridge into the hub of hip Istanbul.

Join us to discover the ancient Roman road “Via Diagonalis”!

Day 1 Belgrade

Day 2 Belgrade

Day 3 Belgrade – Sofia

Day 4 Sofia

Day 5 Sofia - Rila Monastery - Sofia

Day 6 Sofia – Plovdiv

Day 7 Plovdiv – Perperikon– Haskovo

Day 8 Haskovo – Edrine – Istanbul

Day 9 Istanbul

Day 10 Istanbul